Insurance Premium Payment Options

LAMMICO selected Imperial PFS (IPFS) as our online payment solution. IPFS offers the flexibility to pay premiums (and Louisiana Patient’s Compensation Fund surcharge for Louisiana insureds) in full or select a payment plan. Online payment via ACH (bank account) or credit card is available at renewal.
To learn more about the benefits of using IPFS, visit

Accessing IPFS Services: 

IPFS services become available at your renewal. In order to access the services, you or your practice manager/designated billing contact must be registered as a Member on before your renewal invoice is generated (approximately 30 days before your renewal month). To register as a Member, go to You will need your LAMMICO policy number, found on your certificate of insurance.    

You can then access premium financing and online payment through IPFS by logging in as a Member at and selecting “Online Payment” in the drop-down menu under your name. There you can also view your invoice balance due.  

Questions? Contact: 

  • Premium financing agreements, online payment, and Notices of Cancellation: Call IPFS Account Services at 866.412.2569
  • Invoice questions: Contact your LAMMICO underwriting or marketing representative at 800.452.2120
  • website registration: Shea Ivey, LAMMICO Software Quality Assurance Analyst, at 504.841.5242