Reporting a Claim

How to Report a Malpractice Claim or a Potential Claim

Promptly report malpractice incidents or liability notices from a sheriff, plaintiff's attorney or the PCF.

LAMMICO Is Here To Help!

Report a Claim
  1. Call 800.452.2120 to advise that you have a malpractice claim or incident to report
  2. Our receptionist may ask some basic information to ensure you connect with the appropriate Claim Department representative
  3. You will be redirected to an expert Claim handler to walk you through every step of your reporting and claim processing

For more information on how to report a claim, click here.​

Need to report a data or privacy breach?

LAMMICO policyholders are covered under our MEDEFENSE™ Plus/Cyber Liability Insurance.

Please report your claim using the steps outlined above.