Long-Term Care Facilities

The Strategic Solution for Long-Term Care Risk Management

When long-term facilities employ physicians and nursing staff, they often provide medical professional liability coverage as a primary benefit. To that end, LAMMICO has developed a full menu of customizable products and services that not only meet the needs of healthcare providers, but also the long-term care facilities that employ them.

Discover the value of one strong, coordinated defense that joins healthcare facilities, physicians, and allied health professionals for a common solution. Let LAMMICO put our experience to work for you.

Emily Jones, MHA, BSN, RN, NFA, Long-Term Care Facility Specialist, is available to assist insured LTC facilities with resident safety and risk management resources, consultations and on-site assessments. She is a registered nurse and licensed LTC administrator in Louisiana and Texas. Her background includes extensive experience in both clinical and executive LTC leadership roles. 


Emily Jones, MHA, BSN, RN, NFA

Long-Term Care Facility Specialist

LAMMICO Risk Management (RM) and Patient Safety Department offers a wide selection of RM education for LTC administrators, clinical leadership, nurses, CNAs, physicians and other members of the healthcare team. Most topics offer continuing education credits. 

Webinars: LAMMICO hosts webinars to assist our LTC insureds with reducing risk exposure by providing education on current important clinical and operational topics. 

LTC Library of Courses: These online courses for all levels of staff are tailored to resident safety and risk management in long-term care settings. It makes e-learning and reporting easy. Topics include dementia, HIPAA, infection prevention, isolation precautions and more. 

Medical Interactive Community, LLC (medicalinteractive.com), a subsidiary of LAMMICO, is a complimentary benefit to our insureds. Medical Interactive is an online collection of up-to-date interactive and educational tools for the medical community, featuring LTC facility education, litigation preparation films, and CNE for nurses and NAB for administrators on medical professional liability topics. These products and services make up a comprehensive toolkit for healthcare RM and claim reduction.

Benefits to LAMMICO insured long-term care facilities include comprehensive on-site RM assessments, access to on-call risk managers and attorneys, tailored continuing nursing and required staff education, and analysis of RM data. A dedicated long-term care risk manager provides various resident safety and risk reduction services. 

LAMMICO’s Risk Managers have extensive backgrounds in areas of risk management essential for long-term care facilities such as resident safety, performance improvement and clinical documentation. They have experience in working with regulatory standards including Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and state departments of health. Discover the wealth of LTC knowledge LAMMICO Risk Managers bring 

LAMMICO’s certified and highly experienced risk managers will work with your administration, risk managers, quality improvement department, nursing services and/or safety officers to conduct systematic and individualized on-site assessments. Tailored and specific recommendations for reducing risk in the LTC facility setting are provided in real time.

Consultation and on-site risk assessment for insured long-term care facilities include: 

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Survey review & recommendations
  • Staff onboarding & training
  • Fast track assessments for urgent facility needs
  • Life safety codes
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Resident safety including:
    • Infection control
    • Resident falls and incidents
    • Abuse, neglect and misappropriation
    • Elopement and wandering
    • Wound care/pressure ulcers
    • Clinical documentation

We understand that the reputation of your facility is important to you. For that reason, LAMMICO is committed to your support and will provide you with an excellent legal team and outstanding customer service dedicated to your protection.

LAMMICO’s claim representatives have extensive expertise in handling medical professional liability cases and general liability claims for hospitals, LTC and other healthcare facilities. With more than 40 years of experience managing provider claims, LAMMICO can efficiently manage the claims of your facility and staff.

Our claim handling services include:

  • Experienced claim representatives who provide prompt, personalized service
  • Aggressive management of claims to ensure the best possible resolution
  • Defense counsel medical professional and general liability claim experience
  • Discussion of potential defense counsel with policyholder prior to assignment to obtain mutual agreement on selection
  • Opportunity to engage in a joint defense with physicians, if appropriate, to mitigate legal expenses
  • Comprehensive litigation management to control defense costs
  • Support throughout the claim process

LAMMICO coordinates with the most experienced local attorneys and even offers access to our in-house firm of Schroeder & Trahan to help manage legal expenses. 

True to our commitments, defense teams at LAMMICO close approximately 90% of cases without indemnity payment. LAMMICO attorneys immerse themselves in every detail of the patient, the case and the defendant's involvement to ensure this high success rate.

The LAMMICO approach to legal defense is different – it’s flexible. We honor your prior relationships with legal teams and can work with them as a team unified in one goal -- your protection.

As a financially stable medical professional liability insurance carrier, LAMMICO has adapted to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry. Our primary focus is creating value for our policyholders. As a mutual company, LAMMICO can provide policyholders a share in cost savings. When the Company experiences better-than-anticipated results, we offer insureds a share in our cost savings with dividends* when it is fiscally prudent to do so. 

With over 40 years of experience, LAMMICO is dedicated to providing you with the lowest actuarially sound rates possible. Our company reputation ensures that LAMMICO will be here for you for years to come. AM Best, the premier national rating service for insurance companies, has consistently ranked our company as “A” (Excellent) due to our financial stability and security.

*LAMMICO and LAMMICO RRG are two separate companies and dividends are determined independently of each other.