Personalized Claim Handling

Access to Malpractice Claim Experts

The LAMMICO Claim Department is experienced at handling all types and aspects of medical professional and commercial general liability claims. LAMMICO claim personnel are actively involved in all phases of your claim, from the first report through resolution. Our staff provides individualized service, including personal contact and attendance at trials for every geographic region we cover. Know that someone from LAMMICO will always be available to meet you in person at your convenience.

You, the insured healthcare professional, participate in the claim process along with your defense team: your claim representative and your defense attorney. As a policyholder with LAMMICO, you may take part in choosing your defense attorney from a list of approved counsel.

Because the defense teams at LAMMICO have for the past decade closed about 90% of cases without indemnity payments, you can be assured that LAMMICO is working hard to provide you with the protection you deserve.

To report new claims, call the Claim Department at 800.452.2120.

Read more about how to report a medical malpractice claim or potential claim here. See frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) about claims here.

Physician's Consent to Settle

Will your current insurance carrier ask for a physician’s consent before settling a claim, or will it make that huge decision based solely on its bottom line? Some commercial carriers settle nonmeritorious claims because it can be less expensive than defending the claim.

If a physician's primary insurance is with LAMMICO, we will not settle a medical professional liability claim against you without your consent subject to the terms of your policy.