Practice Management Resources

LAMMICO Practice Solutions

Practice Solutions is your one-stop resource to make the business of medicine more manageable. The following categories of services will help with the daily challenges of managing your practice, but these resources are made available exclusively to LAMMICO-insured healthcare professionals and their qualifying practice managers. Login credentials are required for access. 


Consultation Available

LAMMICO knows that proactive measures to protect a practice can mean the difference between quality patient outcomes and a malpractice claim or regulatory fine. When you think you need to bounce something off a fellow risk manager, look no further than your local LAMMICO Risk Management team

For consultation regarding risk reduction, please contact:

For hospital or facility consultation, please contact Lynne Vega, BSN, RN, CNOR(E) at 504.841.2738 or

For long-term care facility consultation, please contact Emily Jones, MHA, BSN, RN, NFA at 504.841.2733 or  


Risk Reduction

Resources, tips, sample policies and procedures, toolkits, online education and more for LAMMICO-insured medical office staff.


TMHCC CyberNET® is a cyber risk management resource center with sample policies, incident response plans, compliance and training materials.


HIPAA sample resources, relevant links and articles on how physician practices treat and manage Protected Health Information.

News & Insights

LAMMICO regularly publishes articles to inform medical office staff in an effort to reduce the risk of a malpractice claim.


LAMMICO's risk management staff help policyholders meet every day medical practice risk challenges; online, by phone, and on-site.

Online Education

Policyholders and their practice managers have exclusive access to online risk management continuing education.


LAMMICO hosts webinars to assist our insureds with reducing risk exposure by educating on key risk areas in the physician practice.