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2023 Sentinel Alerts and Safety Advisories from TJC

November 17, 2023

2023 Sentinel Alerts and Safety Advisories from TJC
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It has been a busy year so far in 2023 for The Joint Commission (TJC) issuing various Sentinel Event Alerts and Quick Safety news. TJC notes, "Sentinel Event Alert newsletters identify specific types of sentinel and adverse events and high risk conditions, describes their common underlying causes, and recommends steps to reduce risk and prevent future occurrences. Accredited organizations should consider information in a Sentinel Event Alert when designing or redesigning processes and consider implementing relevant suggestions contained in the alert or reasonable alternatives."

In addition to the Sentinel Event Alert above about preventing surgical fires, others so far this year included:

Quick Safety news are safety advisories that educate about an incident or trend in healthcare that could impact patient safety. Topics this year have covered:

Annual Reports:

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