Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-Term Care Experience

Comprehensive and Customized Risk Management

Our Risk Management and Patient Safety Department leverages lessons learned from the team's collective healthcare risk management experiences. We personalize our Risk Management (RM) services and activities to meet your specific needs. Our Long-Term Care Facility Specialist works closely with LTC facilities to develop effective strategies to reduce incidents and claims. LAMMICO educators have developed LTC-specific education to support LTC staff.

Our staff's collective long-term care facility experience includes:

  • LTC administration and operations
  • LTC risk management and claim administration
  • LTC legal defense
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Continuing education
  • Quality assurance and performance improvement
  • Credentialing
  • Health information management
  • Resident safety
  • LTC facility insurance underwriting

LAMMICO’s Risk Managers focus on key areas to mitigate risk in our insured LTC facilities. Our approach is holistic and outcome driven. We use a variety of proprietary tools to measure and track improvements over time, helping you see your successes.

Our educational products and services include comprehensive on-site RM assessments, access to on-call risk managers and attorneys, tailored continuing nursing and medical education, and analysis of RM data.

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