Risk Management Education

Reporting Course Completions via CE Broker

To simplify the course completion reporting process for our insureds, LAMMICO reports online CME/CNE courses completed by our insureds on Medical Interactive Community directly to the appropriate state board automatically and at no additional cost* via CE Broker. 

In order for LAMMICO to report this information automatically on an insured’s behalf, the insured must create a CE Broker account and provide LAMMICO with his or her license number. If you are licensed in more than one state, you may provide us with each license number, and courses will be reported to the appropriate state board.

Follow these four simple steps to get set up: 
1. Register with CE Broker at cebroker.com.
2. Log in as a Member at lammico.com. Please have your license number(s) readily available.
3. Once logged in, click “Online Education & Webinars” in the drop-down menu under your name.
4. Enter your license number in the pop-up box. If you are licensed in more than one state, enter each license number separately. 

You only need to complete the steps above one time. Once your license number is provided, courses completed on Medical Interactive Community will be reported to the appropriate state board automatically*.

*Participating states and designations only.

For more information about online education, please contact the LAMMICO Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 800.452.2120.