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Courses to Help Deter Workplace Violence

February 03, 2022

Courses to Help Deter Workplace Violence
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Last week, a Louisiana ICU nurse was attacked by a patient's family member while at work. Violent incidents such as this one are happening at an alarming rate in U.S. hospitals and outpatient settings. While hospitals have some built-in support with security personnel, alarms, cameras and electronic access systems, office-based practices usually don’t have the same level of protection.

Nevertheless, your practice can take steps to build a practical violence-prevention program. To assist you, LAMMICO offers two one-hour education courses on “Workplace Violence in Ambulatory Care”—one for physicians and one for practice managers. These programs can guide you through a process that can bolster your practice’s ability to handle workplace violence problems.

By completing one of LAMMICO’s courses, you’ll learn how your practice can perform a worksite analysis, undertake hazard control, initiate training and keep the necessary records to become more resistant to workplace violence situations. The courses are available at no cost to LAMMICO insureds by logging in as a Member at Once logged in, click "Online Education" in the drop-down menu under your name, which will bring you to Medical Interactive (MI). Once on MI, you may search for the title of the course.

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