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Self-Service Features in Your LAMMICO Member Account

May 09, 2022

Self-Service Features in Your LAMMICO Member Account
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One of LAMMICO's core values is a passion for progress and improvement. We continuously improve our products and services and encourage the development of innovative ideas and solutions to meet the needs of our insureds. Our insureds have asked for the ability to do more things online, and we've responded. We are pleased to offer many self-service features in the Members Only section of our website. These features allow our insureds to have greater control over their account and information.

To access your LAMMICO Member account, log in at In the drop-down menu under your name, you will find features based on your individual user permissions, such as:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Manage My Account
  • Manage Users
  • Online Premium Payment and Financing
  • Online Education & Webinars
  • Risk Management Credit Balance
  • Informed Consent Resource
  • Post a Physician Job
  • My LAMMICO Team

In addition to this email, some insureds will also receive a more detailed email containing a short instructional video that explains more about features specific to their roles. For any questions regarding your member account, please contact LAMMICO Website Support at 800.452.2120.


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