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Small Breaches, Big Deadline and Big Fines

February 07, 2018

Small Breaches, Big Deadline and Big Fines

In the HIPAA world, March 1 is an important date. Healthcare providers have until March 1, 2018 to report a  2017 HIPAA breach of privacy regarding 500 or fewer individuals to the Office for Civil Rights.
The importance of this reporting date has ratcheted up this year. In 2017, a healthcare provider became the first business to be fined just for delaying a breach notification. The fine was significant - $475,000! With this fine, the Office for Civil Rights has signaled that these deadlines have been in effect long enough; pleading ignorance won't work.  Providers are charged with knowing and complying with HIPAA deadlines.
Not sure what constitutes a privacy breach.? Unclear how to report to the Office for Civil Rights? Don't have half a million dollars to pay a fine? LAMMICO policyholders can access a complimentary video on handling a breach through our NAS CyberNET portal, which is available within LAMMICO Practice Solutions. Log in as a Member to access the video. For more information on the HIPAA breach reporting deadline, read this article from HIPAA Journal.

Contact your local LAMMICO Risk Management and Patient Safety representative or dial 504.841.5211 for consultation or additional information.

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