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Devastating Events: Moving From Trauma to Tranquility

November 05, 2021

Devastating Events: Moving From Trauma to Tranquility
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Devastating events are bigger, longer-lasting events that are outside of the typical difficulties that can occur in healthcare delivery - events such as hurricanes, pandemics, terrorist attacks, or situations in which practitioners might make errors that cause harm or death to a patient. These are troubling and demoralizing situations that have lingering repercussions. Certainly we have all faced these types of events in the last two years while fighting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and recovering from the many hurricanes and flooding events that have ravaged our region.

When a person experiences a devastating event, he or she will likely respond with certain physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions to the trauma of the event. If the person already has burnout, the combination of the ongoing burnout symptoms and the trauma from the new devastating event may produce even greater physical and emotional reactions.

LAMMICO's new online course, "Devastating Events: Moving From Trauma to Tranquility," presents some strategies for individual providers and facilities that may contribute to well-being after a devastating event. The course discusses: 

  • Ways to recognize that you need help coping with a devastating event and how to obtain support
  • Participation in programs that exist and/or suggesting new programs be developed to give support to caregivers during and after a devastating event
  • Helpful strategies to build your ability to handle devastating events and to recover after them

LAMMICO insureds can access the course by logging in as a Member at and selecting Online Education (MI) from the drop-down menu under their name. We hope our insureds take advantage of this valuable information and that it contributes to their well-being.

This course is also available at no cost to non-insureds, because it is the topic of the 2021-2022 LAMMICO Patient Safety Award & Grant program. For more information on the award and grant, go to

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