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Utility & Telecom Invoice Analysis for Medical Practices

March 05, 2012

Utility & Telecom Invoice Analysis for Medical Practices

the Letter: Louisiana Newsletter
Volume 31, Number 2, March / April 2012

Piecing It All Together: Now Offering New Cost-Saving Resource For Medical Practices

LAMMICO's subsidiary agency, Elatas Risk Partners (formerly LAMMICO Insurance Agency) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Spiller Consulting, LLC. The firm specializes in helping medical practices verify the accuracy and cost effectiveness of their utility and telecommunication invoices.

  • Identify savings, errors or overcharges in over 80 percent of their audits
  • Make sense of the confusing fees, surcharges, and tariffs that appear each month by providing a written summary report detailing all findings
  • Keep seemingly innocent charges from affecting a medical practices’ bottom line
  • There is no fee for the services provided by Spiller Consulting through Elatas Risk Partners. Their compensation is based on a range (from 0 percent to 10 percent) relative to the savings they discover and refunds received.

For more information about the services available through Spiller Consulting, please contact your local Elatas representative

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