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LAMMICO/Medical Interactive Research Published in the Journal of Health Care Risk Management

November 11, 2020

 LAMMICO/Medical Interactive Research Published in  the Journal of Health Care Risk Management
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Findings Support the Efficacy of a Four-step, Individualized Learning Process to Improve Clinical Knowledge and Skills

LAMMICO and Medical Interactive Community L.L.C. have co-authored a research study that examines the “Effect of individualized learning plans on nurse learning outcomes and risk mitigation.” The study has been approved by the IRB, presented in two national conferences and was recently published in the Journal of Health Care Risk Management by the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM). 

About the Research

Research was conducted with 55 RN participants with an average relevant experience level of 11.2 years to determine if learner knowledge, skills and patient safety perceptions improved after completion of a four-step computer-based, individualized adaptive learning process: initial assessment, targeted remediation, practice at the bedside and follow-up assessment.

After completing the learning paths, the clinical group of the research study showed statistically significant improvement in average Primary Learner Assessment and Moderate Risk Scores. Their comprehension of key risk management concepts also showed noticeable improvement, particularly, in the areas of performance, communication and professionalism.

These pilot study findings support a four-step, computer-based, individualized, adaptive learning-process as RNs responsible for EFM to potentially mitigate fetal and maternal risk had improved knowledge and skills. This research supports the efficacy of online training through individualized, four-step learning plans in the improvement of clinical knowledge, patient safety perceptions and skills at the bedside.

About Medical Interactive Community L.L.C.

Medical Interactive Community L.L.C. (MI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of LAMMICO, produces educational content and provides online services to healthcare professionals. The MI learning management system provides access to over 200 online CME and CNE courses, litigation preparation videos, practice management tools, medical practice resources, and hospital and facility education. Expertly developed by physicians, nurses, risk managers and other seasoned professionals, MI products and services aim to augment patient safety and experiences throughout the medical process – and, ultimately, prevent claims. 

The aim of the MI four-step learning paths is to help healthcare organizations provide highly targeted training for their staff, based on high-risk practices. Most modern training methods involve a period of initial education without reinforcement or re-assessment. Teams tend to revert to old habits over time, and it is difficult to measure how much new knowledge has been retained and integrated at the bedside. The last two steps of the MI four-step learning paths take this into account, and allow time to pass before extending follow-up self-assessments that help provide targeted remediation - unique to each, individual healthcare provider. 

LAMMICO insureds have on-demand access to the MI services and products at no additional cost via their Member account at For questions about MI services and products or this research study, please contact the Medical Interactive Community team at 844.923.9899 or

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