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New Eight-Hour Training Requirement for DEA-Registered Practitioners

April 28, 2023

New Eight-Hour Training Requirement for DEA-Registered Practitioners
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Beginning June 27, 2023, DEA-registered practitioners will have to satisfy a new training requirement pursuant to the MATE Act (Medication Access and Training Expansion Act). The U.S. Department of Justice explains it in this letter.  

LAMMICO Courses to Satisfy Training Requirement
Our education counts toward the DEA/MATE Act requirement. Opioid-related, LAMMICO courses previously completed also count toward the eight-hour total training requirement.

If you previously completed the entire course “Louisiana Act 76, Controlled Substances: Prescribing, Diversion Prevention and Addiction Treatment” then it counts as three hours toward this training requirement. 

Rotating Slot Providers Access to the DEA/MATE Course Library
The Group Administrator will need to call the Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211 to set up Rotating Slot providers.

Other LAMMICO-insured providers can access the DEA/MATE course library by following these instructions:

  • Log in as a Member at
  • Select "Online Education & Webinars" from the drop-down menu under your name
  • Select "Online Courses"
  • Click to expand the “Topics” menu on the left-hand side, and check the box for "DEA/MATE Act Courses"*
    *Courses that were previously completed (including the LA Act 76 course mentioned above) will be marked as complete on the course list and do count toward the eight-hour DEA/MATE training requirement.

Non-LAMMICO Insureds: 
For people not insured by LAMMICO who would like to purchase any or all of Medical Interactive Community's Controlled Substance Course Package for MATE Act Training:

  • Log in or Sign up at
  • Select “Online Courses”
  • Click to expand the “Topics” menu on the left-hand side, and check the box for "DEA/MATE Act Courses"

The list of DEA/MATE Act courses is available online here

New Online Education Course Available - "Opioid Use Disorder: Differing Perspectives"

Prescribing healthcare practitioners and patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) often have different perspectives. As a practitioner, you may face challenges in working with these patients. The patients themselves encounter barriers and difficulties associated with getting the treatments they need. By learning about and considering the characteristics and mindsets of patients with OUD, you can better understand your patients and better support them in finding appropriate treatment programs. In this activity, we will examine the profiles of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD), the challenges of working with these patients, the barriers to OUD treatment from practitioners’ and patients’ viewpoints, and how practitioners can deal with these challenges and mitigate the risks associated with OUD. CME, CNE and RM credit may apply.

This course is a new addition to our DEA/MATE library of online courses to help insureds satisfy the new eight-hour training requirement for DEA-registered practitioners. To access this course, follow the instructions above.

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